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After 3 years of providing business growth support and grants to the Marine Sector in Cornwall, the Propel project is in the final stages of wrapping up, meaning we have now closed the door to new applicants.

Propel was designed to support you to grow your business, by helping you identify and tackle some of the barriers to growth that you faced.

How well did we all do?

  • 152 marine businesses have been supported with expert mentoring, leading to;
  • over 90 new full-time jobs created
  • Bench marked turnover increases for the companies who completed the full support programme are expected to reach more than £30 Million within the next 12 months
  • Over 55% of businesses were supported to introduce new products
  • 81% of you made incremental improvements to processes and systems
  • 70% of you reported increased Sales
  • 58% of you reported major improvements to your business
  • Every £1.00 of ERDF funding invested by CMN will see in excess of £40.00 returned as a benefit

Although this particular project fund is now complete, the specialist Team at CMN are still able to continue our support to you through a number of other network member services.

CMN now has the largest commercial directory of Marine business in the South West and has an exemplary 16-year track-record of delivering commercially-focused support to our Members.

We continue to focus on helping you grow by improving your marketing, up-skilling your staff, supporting you to bring innovative new products to market and guiding you to improve your productivity, by reducing costs, improving efficiencies and profitability.

Our unrivalled track-record of supporting you, our members, includes:

  • Winning £40 million of Public sector funds to spend on you, including paying for expert business support, investing in grants, and subsidising the costs of your training
  • Improved the skills of over 50% of all employees in the Cornwall Marine Sector (>7,500 employees from 15,052 across 903 marine businesses)
  • Created > 3,000 new jobs, including >1,450 new apprenticeships – all employed in small businesses
  • Delivered careers advice to > 35,000 Young People, mainly 14 to 16 years, across all Cornwall Secondary Schools
  • Engaged more than 3,500 Young People in meaningful vocational work experience, delivered exclusively by you, our Members
  • Collectively, this means we are on-target to help you add more than £ HALF-A-BILLION £500,000,000) of Added Value to Cornwall’s economy before 2025!!!!

Please contact us today on 01326-211382 or visit our website at www.cornwallmarine.net  to see how we can support you further.

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About Propel

Propel Cornwall aims to support those businesses to improve their skills, productivity and outputs, as well as the sector and industry as a whole to remain a leading exponent of marine knowledge and skills in the world. This is being led by our Marine Innovation Mentors

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Come along to one of our Propel Information Sessions that are running in various locations within the county over the coming weeks.
We'll also be delivering a range of sessions including peer group, Industry learning, sessions on specific topics and needs.

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We’re here to help you move your business in the direction you want to go. We do this by understanding where you are at and where you want to be, what challenges / opportunities you face and most importantly where you want to go!. 

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